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CMYK Paste

Product introduction
1. It is an acrylic polymer mixtures paste, which is used for CMYK printing.
2. It is good operability without screen blocking. 
3. Suggest applying for cotton fabrics or cotton blends.
Technical Specifications
Appearance: White Paste
Iconicity: Anionic
PH: 7.0-7.5

Product Model
RT007Y CMYK White Paste RT008Y CYMK Clear Paste

1. Suggest using 47T-59T mesh.
2. Normally directly use RT008Y CMYK Clear Paste mixing with pigment color or RT007Y CMYK White Paste together to print 1 time with 2 strokes.
3. Please remember to do curing at temperature 140℃ for 2 minutes and put for natural drying 24 hours before doing the wash testing.
Product Storage

1. In original containers Well-closed. 5℃(41℉)~40℃(104℉)
2. Storage time:12 months
Product packaging
20/50 kg/barrel  25/60 kg/barrel
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