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Pigment Ready Paste

Product introduction
1. It is a ready paste to mix pigment color to print directly.
2. It is not allowed to mix too much water (below 20%) which will reduce the viscosity to cause the wash fastness problems.
3. Suggest applying for cotton fabrics or cotton blends.
Technical Specifications
Appearance: White/Light yellow Liquid
Iconicity: Anionic
PH: 7.0-7.5

Product Model
RT406 Pigment Ready Paste

1. Suggest using 43T-47T mesh.
2. Normally pls mix pigment color with 5%-7% together with adding the fixer RT1999 2% to print 1 time with 2 strokes.
3. Please remember to do curing at temperature 150℃-160℃ for 2 minutes and put for natural drying 24 hours before doing the wash testing.
Product Storage

1. In original containers Well-closed. 5℃(41℉)~40℃(104℉)
2. Storage time:12 months
Product packaging
20/50 kg/barrel

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